55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


55 words.

She had to write a story in 55 words. She thought and thought of absurd plots, funny themes, serious issues, dreams and realities. Sometime later she penned this and that down. Time n words both constrained. Scribbling in paper. Typing in Word. Tally of 55. Here it is. Hey! But this too adds to 55.

A recipe.

The phone rang. She picked it up and on hearing the request she smiled.

He was ready and took down everything the voice on the phone said. That evening he served his girl dinner.

At his home his mother smiled as she remembered how her son had proclaimed he would never enter the kitchen.

The secret mission

He looked up tired and beaten. His assistants looked nothing better. They had been working on it the whole night. A secret mission. To be completed before the lady of the house came.

She came in.” Surprise”, they screamed. In the middle of the mess stood a cake of weird shape n smell. She smiled.


Dark tunnels. Damp grounds. Chilly winds. She was walking through them for ages. To reach nowhere. Sacred and alone. The sounds were frightening. A lone wail. A mad laughter.

Suddenly a hand touches her. She screams out loud.

It was about 3 in the morning. The neighbourhood heard the chilling voice.

The investigation was inconclusive.

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