55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


What's my age again ?

We were all set. A job, the small home, the ring I picked up, her graduating, it seemed perfect.

As I answered the phone she said, “ Honey, I got an offer in D.C. and I’m moving, Can I stay at your place for a while?”

I said, “Sorry sweety, can’t cheat, not anymore”

She was in a lot of trouble.

Perplexed, she turned, people were looking.
She closed her eyes, recalled everything:
Five cars stolen,
7 people run over and
one cop killed in the chase.

“It was his fault, he did not want to give up. I did my best” she thought as a flash on screen said. “High Score Please Enter Your Name”

She had changed my parents or had she ?

She moved in after I had moved out for an education.

The three years made her a part of my family.

Her illegitimate triplets: a non-issue for my conservative parents.

As I walked in, She did not bother me as she would bother the strangers, maybe she knew that I had her gift. Dog Chow.

The most amazing sight.

The beach looked perfect.

White sand, clear blue sky and not many people.

I held my breath, astounded, no words in any language I knew could describe the sight.

“Out of your jean and into your trunks. NOW.” shouted my mind and the salesman went,
“this my friend is the best television in the world”

The prettiest thing.

She looked amazing in red. There she was, like a roman goddess, topless. No fear, shame or guilt.
The setting sun toyed with her looks. Her man was right there but I did not stop looking.
The light turned green and she took off and my friend says “A convertible Ferrari, now that’s a car.”

He could not have found anyone better.

The call was to catch up on my best friends life, after a long time. We talk about school, cars and that girl he could not stop raving about, five years ago. “You wanna go meet her?” I ask him and he says “Why don’t you fly here, you could catch up with us.”

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