55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


Tale 1

Rajamma worked hours daily without rest. Her day started at dawn, when the sun’s rays struck. She had no worldly possessions. The day would be spent scavenging. Every discarded morsel of food was collected and carried back, on her head. Back home, to feed starving children. And please her queen. Worker ants had no choice.


Tale 2

Manish was a regular kid. He went to school, and hated math. Playing cricket was his greatest joy. After school he would run to the ground and join his team. Then they would play. He would grab the bat, stand and wait. And listen for bells on the rolling ball. His ears were his eyes.


Tale 3

General ‘Nella and his horde were ready. Their strength was growing by the minute, and now the army numbered in the thousands. The invasion was imminent, and it was going to be gory. “Take no prisoners”, he said.

This pav-bhajji's awesome, but my stomach's rumbling” said Rajesh, as he spat in to the sewer.

Tale 4

When the world was young, a strong and manly demon arose. He pleased the Gods who granted him victory over all men. He tormented the earth and the Gods themselves.

A woman, frail, weak, challenged him. They fought for 9 days.

On the tenth day, he was destroyed. By devi, Shakti, Mahishasuramardini.

She was woman
Tale 5
Sitting in the bus, Ali thought that evening's iftaar was especially outstanding. He loved festivities, and remembered sneaking out as a child to celebrate diwali with his Pandit neighbors, usually during the month of Ramzan.He was leaving Srinagar to work in Delhi.The next morning in Delhi, he saw a newspaper.
"Earthquake flattens Kashmir."

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