55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


Art Appreciation for Adults

Sauntering into Tim’s room, 14-year-old Ron saw the words “- An art form” on the partially hidden TV-screen. Soon, he was throwing up the sandwich that he had gobbled earlier.
Years and 2000 films later, looking at his hirsute pot-belly, the blond writhing under him with the camera whirring, he realized that pornography WAS art!


The Search


"Experienced candidates only"!!

"No H1s! Citizens & Green Cards only"!!

Such lines soon seemed passe.

Since he was sometimes faking, not even "Lacks communication skills" shocked him.

But "Eager & enthusiastic" ??

This time, he was speechless. Now, he had heard it all!

And at 27, the search for the elusive first paycheck continued....

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