55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Ravikiran Ravulaparthi

oh re taal mile, nadee ke jal mein, nadee mile saagar mein
saagar mile kaun se jal mein, koee jaane naa

Title: The young man and the sea

He wanted to see to believe that the ocean swallowed his beloved Ganges. In 1923, he stole ten rupees from his father’s overcoat, took the night train to Kolkata, persuaded a merchant ship to take him to Burma, tiredly boarded deck, and fell asleep while the vessel quietly crossed from the Hoogly into the ocean.

sooraj ko dharatee tarase, dharatee ko chandrmaa

Title: Gravity of the Situation

A stormy night, intermittent lightning, reminiscent of Shakespeare’s metaphors, preluded a special morning. Unable to battle the wind, a lonely bat settled on a tree, woke up in the morning to the smell of an apple, lunged to grab lunch, missed, broke the twig instead, and Isaac Newton below walked away with a bright idea.

paanee mein seep jaise pyaasee har aatmaa
boond chhoopee kis baadal mein koee jaane naa

Title: The legend of the thirsty spirit of Yeddumailaram

She shuffled in slumber from thirst, after eight long years in the grave. This was a famine, the graveyard wells dried, the clouds carried no dampness. Awake, she walked to the temple pond to sip water and quietly come back; the priest spotted her and thus formed the infamous legend of the Yeddumailaram village temple.

anajaane hothhon par kyon pahachaane geet hain

Title: Lips that stick

Much to the chagrin of the chauffer, the elderly artist stopped the limousine, walked across the dirty footpath, tore off a piece from a pornographic movie poster; put into his kurta pocket. The artist had waited for years for the perfect lips to complete the collage in his studio, his very own, sexy, Mona Lisa.

kal tak jo begaane the, janmon ke meet hain
kyaa hogaa kaun se pal mein koee jaane naa

Title: The Exchange Offer

14th of March was the last day of the exchange offer. He rushed to exchange his old television for new. Later, realizing the storekeepers had dumped an old television, he rushed back; saw her in an animated argument. The store had given her his television. They celebrated valentine’s day one month late eversince this meeting.

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