55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

J. Alfred Prufrock

I - Really

The desert’s edge can be very chilly. She shuddered and pulled her sari closer. “He’s gone. Who now will keep me warm?”

Presently, she reached her decision and stepped forward.

From habit, she pulled her sari’s edge over her face, though the breeze tugged at it as she ascended the pyre.

The priest approached.

II - Virtually

He could smell the bear. Very close.
Run. Now!

He never saw the paw that took his head off. Blood fountained onto dirty snow.

**** **** **** **** ****

The body slumped beside the computer. On the monitor, a grisly maw.
She tore off the head-set, the sensors. No pulse. A scream rose … “It was a fucking GAME!”

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