55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


That hall was clumsy. Elderly people everywhere, like discarded and rusted tools that were once sharp and shiny. Son again convinced the father about their shifting together to village for which the father sold off his property. Outside, with cool breath and a fat cheque, son passionately kissed the letter which read ‘permanent immigration granted’.


That day kitty party was in her posh penthouse.

They raised a toast for the hapless children, spoke highly on how child labor must be stopped at all costs and that such kids desperately need love, education and care.

When done, hungry Choutu rushed to clean the mess with his tiny hands and hopeful eyes.


Since poor and illiterate, they wondered why their anemic teenage daughter fainted frequently. Thus, they went to a famous ‘tantrik baba’ who announced she was possessed. Baba took their semi-conscious daughter to a dark room for ‘treatment’. They were relieved that the evil spirit was gone.

But only she knew what else she had lost….

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