55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Vikas Shrivastava

The old blade messed his grown beard more than his relationship. He
has plans of sealing the lips and life with a kiss. The broken mirror
didn’t let him see his face. She hated unpleasant surprises. He didn’t
want to surprise her either.


I was born smiling and thought that I will die also like that. I saw
her and I smiled. I saw her sleeping in my arms and I smiled. Every
time I smiled I almost died. Today she left me. I couldn’t smile. I
don’t want to live but couldn’t smile to death either.


She loved her mirror. She could look back in past with that. She was
beautiful and wanted to be more. Her face in the mirror was a thing of
past. Her mirror though told her about the comparatively less
beautiful present. She threw it to run away from present, but lost the
past too.


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