55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Vipul Grover

The Journey of His Lifetime

"That looks like a nasty wound, Khan Sahib", said the fellow passenger, seeing his bandaged forearm.
"Its better now", he answered cautiously, a drop of sweat coming down his forehead.
Within some hours he was off the train at Karachi and onto the ship to independent India, away from his homeland.
He hurriedly removed the itching bandage to reveal his tattooed name - Lachhmi Narayan it read.


A congested train; a rickety bus; an overloaded boat; a bullock-cart; on foot through jungles. Finally, he was there, his home in the cradle of Himalayas away from the noise and the smoke of the city and the sahibs. She was waiting for him impatiently by the fence. He was ready for a new life.

The Four Seasons

I reluctantly offered her my umbrella as the rain fell on the scorching earth. She bluntly declined. We had met few months back as the flowers bloomed everywhere. However, things started falling apart as we shed all pretences like the leaves of trees outside. Today, I sit huddled all alone and unexpectedly, it feels great.

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