55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Muthu Kumar

The wish:

You are going to cry……… Aren’t you?

She tried ignoring him staring at the dark skies. Noticing a shooting star she closed her eyes and wished she would just die. Her hidden tears jumped out and streaked across her face along with the sudden rain.

“Now you wouldn’t know? Would you?” She asked

The rebuke:

Are you going to cry?

She hit back “Do you want me to……….” The dark skies took contempt at her rebuke and started to throw rain drops at her.

She shivered and he offered her his coat. She refused and continued to shiver. At least the rain stood by her without asking stupid questions.

The lone flowers:

Please don’t cry

He begged her but she couldn’t just stop the tears as they flowed from her eyes streaking across her face blurring the starry sky. The rain started to wail along with her as if it too chose to ignore his consolatory efforts. And they both cried their pained hearts out each alone and each together.

The dawn:

He did not say anything and he didn’t need to. He just held her tight as she cried, cried and cried, until the tears and the rain washed away her pain. Then he said

Let go

She nodded. In the distant skies the dawn was slowly brushing out the last ghosts of the dark night.

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