55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



Uma thought of writing a review later. The man sitting beside, sighed "Goooood Filmmmm".

She must be prepared for the next show. The SMS read, "Sam gave this no. Rs.1350"

She wrote, "Fine. Wait outside"

Wiping her mouth, and retouching the gloss, she came out. In the blinding daylight her father's face sent her reeling.



He was a bit surprised about the way she wrote back to him. Cold, abusive and sarcastic!

"Can't I be naughty with my newly wed bitch of a wife!" Karan thought out loud.

Confused and angry, he opened the mail again.

It was signed Preeti "Agarwal". It was the name of his pregnant X-girlfriend!

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