55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Artie Knapp


Final transmission from Pathfinder: “As requested, I examined red dust, and rocks, which was very tedious if I am being honest. Being sent to the middle of the galaxy to explore space would have been exciting; instead, you sent me to a place that looks like rural Oklahoma. Thanks. And no, there isn’t water here.”



“The taste of blood had never been sweeter. I actually wanted it. It fueled my fire to keep fighting. After I got off the canvas I knew things would be different. I dug deep into my soul to unleash hell on my opponent. He knew something was coming; I guess hell was in my eyes.”


Fear of the Abattoir

The single-file-line was a bit peculiar to the oldest lamb of the herd, but when the farmer shouted “Let’s get this load on the train boys,”
the lamb realized what lay ahead for him. The sudden disappearance of family and friends finally made sense as the door closed the last ray of
light and hope.


“Spaghetti Alley”

The hiss of a cat is a most distinct sound. Seeing four cats in such an intense stare down was both exhilarating and frightening to me. Suddenly, one of the felines gently rubbed up against the other cats. Pasta then splattered the pavement from the window above! Compliments owed to Pompilio’s Restaurant! It was suppertime.



“Look who decided to wake up everybody!”

After Punxsutawney Phil poked his head out of his hole, the Punxsutawney Salvation

Army Band erupted in song.

“What? I see my shadow; there will be six more weeks of winter. What’s the big deal?”

“Phil, today’s the second day of August; you overslept by six months-You goof.”


An Evening on Palorius 7”

“No matter how vast and far reaching space is, I still want to give you the Universe my darling.”
“That’s very sweet Frank. But why would I need all that space?”
“For starters, think of all the places we’ll get to see and cover.”
“True, but don’t you think we should cover our asses first?”


Saddle Up

As I waved goodbye to my little niece, I felt confident that she’d be able to handle the horse. She’ll be right back I thought with a smile. As I watched her disappear around the corner, it was great to see her smiling again so soon. Merry-Go-Rounds sure are a lot of fun for kids.

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