55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Simple Simon

The unfaithful mistress

"Allright!! Now, he is still." He said to himself in a hushed tone.
He set the crosshair perfectly between the eyes. Momentarily he stopped breathing to steady the barrel.
"Life is one heck of a mistress !!", he thought, as his fingers tightened around the trigger.
"Thank heavens !! I was in time". said the cop.

The Irony

He sat alone in the corner, tears streaming down his face.
His wife died this morning, leaving behind a month old son.
At a distance, the ring of the bell followed by a deafening applause registered in his ears.
He put on the mask and thought - "Life is not always funny as a circus clown".

The ladykiller

"You are so damn beautiful" said he, gently caressing her.
She smiled and wrapped her naked body around him coyly.
"How many girls have you told the same thing before ?" - she asked in mock anger.
The serrated knife glistened as it came down in a deadly arc.
"You were the sixth one honey." - He said.

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