55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


After The Coup
The President pinned the last medal onto his chest and considered his weary reflection in the mirror. The lines on his face contrasted with the fresh creases on his uniform. But he couldn’t rest now; so much remained unfinished. Peace, development, freedom, happiness. But first, the Swiss accounts.
His new Finance Minister walked in grinning.

The Smells of Silence
The television was still warm but the smell of Vicks Vaporub told him her nostrils were clogged as usual. He padded into the kitchen and opened the gas valve. Closing all the windows, he pocketed the keys, locking the door on his way out.
A tear rolled down her cheek when she smelt the gas.

Running Aground
Mr. & Mrs.Riley searched desperately for their son at all his usual haunts in vain. Mr.Riley swore he’d kill him if he found out Charles had run off again on some steamship. Then his wife found a letter beneath his bed.
‘Mr.Charles Riley,
Re: Application for Cabin Steward, HMS Titanic
It gives me great pleasure…”

Justice Delayed
The warden waited for the mandatory three minutes past the deadline before giving the final signal. His men threw the levers. The lights flickered as the first round of lethal electricity was administered.
Below at the gate, the guard repeated his words to the Governor’s emissary.
No identity card, no entry; pardon or no pardon.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Xyng sighted the ominous shadow before any of his comrades. Four blynks to go before the Queen’s arrival and here was what he had spent his entire life training for. He was surprised at how automatic his responses were. Divert and Intercept.

“For Queen and Anthill”, muttered Xyng as he scurried to a crushing death.

Sheela rushed to pick up the phone before Raghu could get it. Raghu felt the familiar tightening in his chest listening to the whispers and giggles that ensued.
The water turned red briefly after Raghu hit the crashing surf, while Sheela and their friends waited in the darkened living room ready to yell ‘Surprise!!!”

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