55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


The traffic suddenly came to a crawl.

“Huh?” he wondered.

The fog stood between him and the answer.

Ages later he saw tail lights speed off and vanish after the flashing lights of newly installed Amber Alert. The alert was still obscure. At last he read it and sped off yelling.

“TESTING 1234567890”. “@#@$@”.


Pyaari knew age was catching up on her. She no longer possessed the beauty and liveliness that once won his heart. Every passing day increased her insecurities. How could he forget all the time they spent together? And then, the day arrived. He traded her in for Chamakchallo, the much younger impact-orange Jeep Wrangler.


He woke up startled and stared into the darkness surrounding him. The dreadful sensation between his thighs was returning. How long will it last this time? Clueless, he started to cry, quietly first and then aloud. Suddenly the lights went on and a grumpy face popped in. It was time to change his diapers.

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