55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


Is There Anybody Out There (Despair)

She stood on the ledge, hands stretched out. The greens of the park seemed to whisper invitingly.
One more step. The wind rushed by.
She felt the biting cold.
Saw snapshots of laughter, sunshine. Love-making. The curled foetus.

The girl in the park heard a toe-curling scream. And then, the sirens.


One Fine Day (Hope)

FunnyGirl_2001 finally typed 'Yes' in the IM. She felt they knew each other enough to meet in person.

They planned to meet at 4 in front of the tall building.

IronMan_666 walked towards the girl on the bench nervously.

FunnyGirl_2001 looked up. The sun caught her eyes as Aman, her childhood crush, slowly walked towards her.


Ain't No Sunshine Without Her (Love)

The old man saw a couple sitting on the bench in the park. Many a evening he had spent sitting there with her. The memories were clear like yesterday. Then there were too many. Fifty years of togetherness.

He saw the couple locked in a kiss and smiled. Her apparition beside him smiled back.

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