55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.

Rohan Kumar


Buried my emotions
Returned to my life
Some things aren't meant 2b
She was my brother's wife

Soon the spark went out
They were constant fights
And we made a connection
Though I knew it wasnt right

They frown upon us
My brother calls me a rogue
I know I've found the one
Anyways lesbianism is in vogue


One upraised thumb and a few Harley skid marks later
Where are you headed?
Wherever the road takes me
What a co incidence that’s precisely where I was heading

And thus they were hitched. As they say it always starts innocently enough :)

Flying to the moon and back........lighter

Wife: Do you really love me?
Husband: What a thing to ask after 10 years of our marriage? (well dodged soldier)
Wife: What would you do for me?
Husband: If I could I would take you to the moon (and kick you out of my spaceship)


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