55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


It was arthritis after all

Osteoarthritis had been affecting him for sometime now. But that was before he discovered the therapeutic effects of hot tubs. He was soaking in one after a particularly strenuous week. The feeling of pain leaving his wobbly joints gave him orgasmic pleasure.

When it finally subsided, Archimedes couldn’t help but jump out and shout Eureka

Tit for Tat

It had happened 15 years earlier. But you would be mistaken for presuming that Bill had forgotten about it.
"It's revenge time" he muttered as he held onto the rickety tree branch.
He threw it at the intended victim and hid in the foliage before Newton could realise that an apple had fallen on him


It wasn't the best of days. The kid was down with the flu and the maid had taken the week off. To top it all, the mother-in-law would be popping in for a 10 day visit. Her bones ached and frankly, it was boring as hell. She wondered why she had agreed to do this in the first place. She was really irritated and felt rage flaring up inside but managed to quickly hide it with a faint half smile.

"That's perfect, Madame Lisa, hold that smile right there" said Da Vinci

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