55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



Ma looked like she had seen a ghost. I saw the letter…
Curious, I picked it up.
It felt heavy, like a lifetime trapped inside.
I saw the smile in that scrawl, his smile, the smile of broken promises
I tore it into little pieces. The wind came, the pieces lost. I shut the window.

Grown Up Wings

6 am - half slept, bedraggled clothes, silence.
She had always hated this place, so claustrophobic, had desired freedom.
Now, she had it. Going away where she wanted to and away from these people. She ought to feel elated, but…
She had won, she was free…
But somewhere in this, she had sprouted grown-up wings…


Knock Knock.
Who is there?
It’s me.
What’s it
Can we talk?

Knock Knock.
Who now?
Me again.
Now what?
We need to talk, please.

Knock Knock.
Please, just once.
Oh, go away and die or something.
She opened the door, the chill of the breeze hit her… he was gone…

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