55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.


The Worker

The sun was shining, a blazing yellow-white. Heedlessly they trudged on.“But do I have to?” he thought. "What if I break the pattern?"

He paused and started walking off in another direction. At a tangent.Immediately he was swept away by a huge monstrosity that he never even saw coming at him.

“Damn ants”


The Wedding

Marigolds floating in water in earthen pots. Bamboo shoots by the door.

She ran a critical eye over them all.
Perfect. Just the way she always wanted.
A perfect wedding to the perfect man.

“Fantastic! You must be so happy.”
“I am” she acknowleged
and moved away before they could say

“Its your turn next”


An Idle Mind

At the doorway, Luke was saying “This place deserves a name”

The big guy yawned, “I’m bored”

“I’ll cure that” smirked Luke

“Big brothers are such wise guys!”

“Observe, lazy boy” Luke clapped his hands


“Hey….L!” Big Guy squeaked.
“That’s a name…hell! Here…amuse yourself”

And Lucifer went to paint a signboard.

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