55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



".. I've decided on death. Dont ask why!"
She trusted him. She held the glass firmly, it contained death.
"Make it look like accident!"
She wouldnt commit suicide. Accident was better choice.
Annoyed with loud noises in pub, He turned. Collision followed.
He exclaimed, "What? Come again?!"
She sighed looking at the shattered glass on floor.



The knife flashed infront of his eyes. He struggled to get away but the chains held him down.
He could still stop it. He had hope, the safeword.
He was sweating profusely, trying to remember the damn word.
"hulkyellow345$79&&0", he uttered the combination that might save him.
She laughed Evil, saying "Not even close, sweetheart!"

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