55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



They took their coffees from the counter. Eyes met; hearts skipped.

Déjà-vu. Ten years back – coffee at college. They remembered and smiled.

She walked to the lift. Sipped her hot coffee. “Ouch”, he said.

He gazed at her, and spilled his. “Ouch”, she muttered.

The lift doors closed on her longest, and shortest love affair.


The silk was exquisite. Its touch, romantic. He smiled as he watched her remove the Hermès from her collar.

The police found his body in his room, two days later.
The silk was exquisite. Its touch, romantic.

Far away in another city, she looked at her personal diary, ‘Uses of a scarf’ page:

Strangle. Check.


Ten years back
Was love at first sight
I saw your smile
And all seemed right

You were the first love
You will be the last
Sharing the house with you
Makes time move fast

What’s in my heart
You wont know in this life
And I’ll be quiet…Coz,

you are my brother’s wife

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