55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



She had finally decided to tell him.
She had been sleeping with their neighbor.
Most of their neighbors actually.
None of the children were his.
She wasn’t a schoolteacher from Alabama.
She wasn’t even catholic.
Somehow, smashing his skull to smithereens seemed so much more considerate.
Maybe she should just stick to plan A afterall.


“She was easy.” “She wanted me real bad.”
“You need to see someone about your make believe exploits.”
“If I’m lyin, I’m dyin.”
3 months later his tests came back positive.
On the first of December every year, he sports a little red ribbon pinned to his sagging T, raising awareness of the global epidemic.

Boy Talk /Girl Talk

“Your friend was really desperate for some.” “She is SUCH a skank.”
“That still doesn’t quite explain your virginity, now does it?”
“Fuck You!”
“Not in your wildest dreams.”
“Shut up!”
“How clever.”
“Don’t make me shut you up!”
“I am so skeeered.”
He unzipped his pants.
She laughed heartlessly.
Tears welled in his eyes.

The Cheating Husband

He saw the knife in her hand. She looked deranged.
He had been so wrong about her. And to think it was only yesterday that he told someone she was a frigid cow utterly devoid of emotion.
“C’mon Luv. Lets sit down and talk about this.” “I can explain everything!”

And then she stabbed herself.


‘Go on, tell him’, said the voices in her head.
‘No, don’t’! You clearly don’t deserve him’, said the voices again.
‘You’ve invested too much time and effort’, they said.
‘Chicken Shit’.
‘I’ve fallen for you’, she blurted out.
He looked embarrassed and pretended not to hear her.
Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down.


She stood there looking at him helplessly.
It had been a year almost. He still hadn’t the faintest idea.
She inched in closer. It was now or never.
Her heart was pounding, cursing her quiet desperation for his love.
She closed her eyes taking a deep breath.
He bent down and kissed her just then.


She watched him from a distance.
Trying to hate him, for all the hell he put her through.
The insecurity he nurtured in her. The endless affairs.
But he was smiling at her, holding their son in his arms.
She knew she wouldn’t leave him.
Her first-born cannot possibly grow up in a broken home.


She never listened to the voices.
They amused her when she was bored. Made her smile at their eccentricity.
But that was all.
She ignored them when they asked her to do things.
Of late, the voices had taken a physical form. And the numbers were increasing.
It was time to talk about the voices.

Coming Out

He got home early from work to surprise his wife.
He found her in bed with another woman.
His secretary.
The very woman his wife relentlessly accused him of having an affair with.
He couldn’t help but smile to himself.
His coming out of the closet didn't seem like quite the scandal.
Well, not anymore.

It Aint Over Till Its Over

He got home early from work to surprise his wife.
He found her in bed with another man.
His best mate.
They looked up at him momentarily surprised.
They didn’t stop.
He shut the door and walked out, sighing with elation.
His secretary was waiting for him in the car.
His marriage was finally over.

Surprise Surprise

She got home early to surprise her husband.
The scent of vanilla was unmistakably potent.
She saw the candles. The glasses filled with wine.
She started to panic.
In the kitchen, she found her husband struggling over her favorite Fettucine con salsa d'aromi.
He turned to her smiling. They embraced. She wept silently with guilt.


He would burn her with cigarette butts.
Scarring her stunning body, bringing tears to her divine face.
He didn’t want to share her he would say.
He would come crying to her, placing his head on her lap.
Pleading with her to never leave him.
She would kiss him sweetly promising him she never could.

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