55 word fiction

A collection of 55 word stories written by various bloggers.



She carefully dusts his shelf. Slowly. He was a lawyer.
She is flying to US for grand-daughter's marriage.
She's tired now. She would like to sleep.



"I wished you were dead, when you were born"
"Mummy", she holds her hand, warmly
"I repent that Beta"
"You have taken such good care of me.
Don't tell your son about this.
I have nothing to give to you and your son.
I bless that he keeps you like you kept me"


Bas Itna Hi. (That's all)

"Walk with me. please", she asked. Cutely.
Their friends were asleep.
He obliged. Vacant road. A waving couple passed by.
He stumbled. She laughed.
Fortunately, he kept stumbling that day.
That was all that was spoken that day. Rest were words.
They saw beautiful things. A bird. A stream. A leaf.
They never met again.


Get Lost

"I have left everything and come to you. Take me as disciple"
"You came. You will go back. Get Lost"
The seeker returned, dejected.
Seeker still seeks.



She was his queen.
She had gobbled everything eatable in sight.
She screamed "Yeh Dil Mange More"
He squirmed, "Mar Gaaye. Ab Iske liye Peacock kahan se laoon"


Konsa Ling ??

He was foreign educated, million dollar baby.
She was Ganv ki Gori.
They hitched them.
First night, he entered half-drunk, yelled "DarrrLing !"
She asked nervously "Striling, Purling, Napusakling, aur shivling toh Jaanti hoon"
"Yeh DarrrLing konsa ling hai, Ji ?"

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